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I was born June 2nd, 1992 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. I am now one of seven children. My mother had me begin schooling at Hebrew Academy in Margate, FL at the age of four. I truly feel that the basis of my discipline and willingness to learn at all times is greatly due to the Chasidic, Jewish philosophy which I was trained in from a young age both at school and by those around me. I feel martial arts are a perfect compliment to the goal of living a non-artificial, meaningful lifestyle. By five years old I was showing interest in the martial arts, watching the PG-7 television show, Dragon Ball Z, I remember wanting to compete in the martial arts world tournament that was featured in the TV show with an almost odd fire. I always joke about it but it seems that this is where is started, in intense, Dragon Ball Z style battles with my older brother. 

Cage Fighting At 12 years old I began my martial arts career training in judo under master Sergio Catenazzo. At 14 I entered my high school's martial arts club where I studied classical arts like thai chi, kung fu and whatever else the already trained students would bring in to practice in a open environment. At 15 I started training in kyokoshin karate under master Allen Gernan. That same year I was lead to American Top Team in Coconut Creek, one of the world's top MMA facilities where i began the study of brazilian jujitsu under the famed and blessed, master Ricardo Liborio. I also began muay thai kickboxing under former world champion, Steve Bruno. By the age of 17 I was training with a group of over 50 professional athletes in ATT's professional mixed martial arts team. Since then I have also focused much energy on the art of western boxing as suggested in many of Bruce Lee's writings. In addition to the trainers who started me off I have also been privileged to train under men such as Katel Cubis, Stephan Diaz, Conan Silverio, Rich Attonito, Luigi Fioravante, Bruce Bellocchi, Richard Hill, Randy Barosso, Ailton Barbossa, Marcos DeMata, Jonatas Gurgel and many more. MMA There was a point in my teenage years when I apparently became very frustrated with my living conditions and got involved in both drugs and theft based felony charges. I credit the role models in my life for showing me what a human being is actually supposed to be. I think that martial arts gave me something very productive to use my time on. It happened to be the writings of Bruce Lee that mirrored the teachings of the Jewish way (destruction of the ego, all physical actions aiming toward selflessness) in an undeniable way that brought me to spend the rest of my free time in study of the Torah and improvement of my eternal soul. I say these things with little shame because I accept my life mission with a smile and my ultimate goal through martial arts is simply to bring the same light of positivity, productivity, self improvement and purpose to anyone im privileged to reach, especially my own siblings, as my instructors did for me. Fighting In my martial arts career I have been truly blessed. As a minor I was over a ten time champion in judo, jui jitsu and submission grappling. Most notably the 2009 and 2010 149lb NAGA expert division title belts. At 18 years old I was free to compete in amateur Mixed Martial Arts winning 145lb title belts in 4 different organization and, G-d willing, counting. As of early 2013 Between amateur kickboxing and amateur MMA I have put together 12 wins with no losses thank G-d. Win, lose or draw in any bout, I am always endlessly ecstatic and appreciative to not only be healthy body but mind and soul as well.

As the Bruce Lee stated " The artless art is the art of the soul at peace, like moonlight mirrored in a deep lake. The ultimate aim of the artist is to use his daily activity to become a past master of life, and so lay hold to the art of living. Masters in all branches of art must first be masters of living, for the soul creates everything." www.AMR-MMA.com

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