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Please, look at the EXACT name of the company. You are stating PMI as in Pemier models intl! The people above are saying premier model management! which is totally different in legal form! premier model management is in London.....sadly, this PMI is really a bust!I signed the dotted line and payed for pictures that weren't up to par. I haven't gotten one job yet. I called up Ford modeling agency ( in which they claimed to be in the same building from the address) Ford modeling agency broke the news saying the address is theirs and only theirs. There is no space for another agency in the buliding and that they've never even heard of Premier models intl. And that's probably why they've changed their address to a vacant office in Miami, Fl. oh, and Christina Ivanski is not his "director". It's his girlfriend and it's a false name that she uses as he did too when he first spoke to me. ( in which he acted as 2 people) I could go on and on, but the purpose of this message is PLEASE do your research and be informed of the scams out there! He took every dollar I had AND I told him as I was handing him the money! I was a fool, but a fool no longer as I will do everything to get him shut down! Oh and by the way, he has a criminal record!

The other problem I also have with this company is that they search for complaints online and respond under another person.(hence the above) What random Joe is going to respond to a complaint and back up a company that they have obviously never done buisness with?! I have previous experience with a Premier Model Management Scam modeling agency. I have proper measurements. I'm not daydreaming about how I "might" be able to model. I don't have thousands of dollars to move to New York and strut my 5 foot 9 in 115 pound frame into an office. Every single piece of information they give is a lie. Premier models international is based out of London, correct. But this company is Premier models int'l.....Two different names, two different agencies. And if the name they use gets trashed, they change the name of the company. They used to be Omni models, until that name was plastered all over the internet for scamming hopefuls. Don't try to tell these people that it's them and that's why they don't book jobs! That is proof enough that they use false contracts and photoshoots to make the extra money to pay the bills. And by the way, if the "owner" of the agency tells you over the phone to meet you in a temp office, you meet him and he has the same voice, but he claims the guy on the phone can't be at the meeting? so, let's do the math! 600$ a photoshoot , they do (rough estimate) 5 a day. profits are 3000 dollars a day?! Also the photographer gets a cut of 125$ per photoshoot(I know because I called her day job as another person asking for rates)625$ a day. That's 2375$ a day for this so called modeling agency. And all they do is sign contracts and do photoshoots all day. Assuming they do this 5 days a week, that's almost 13,000 a week for them! Wow, if only I had a heart so black.......By the way, there is not one good review on the company, period! I'm in the process of filing a police report too! In Florida taking over 300 dollars of a person's money is a felony:) You think just because you provided a service, you are safe? no, premier models pocketed over 400 dollars from me and I have all I need to make a case:)

His home address is 917-593-7006 3065 Biltmore Park Dr. Orlando, FL. 32835

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