3 Tips for Creating a Lead Capture Page

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If there's one thing I wish I'd done earlier it's creating lead capture page or opt in pages. These are dedicated little sales pages you create to "sell" people on joining your list. Today I want to share three tips for creating a lead capture page with you. Use them to set up your first one or tweak existing pages. Then sit back and watch your list grow much faster as a result of a well optimized opt-in page.

Keep It Simple And Clean

The first key to a well converting lead capture page is to keep it clean. You don't want a lot of distractions on that page. Start by leaving out the regular header of your main site and skip the navigation bar.

Next, you want to fill you page with the following elements:

· An Attention Grabbing Headline - This is one of the most important elements of your page. You need to grab the attention of your visitors right away and convey in no more than a sentence why they need to sign up for your list. Focus on what's in it for them with your headline.

· A List of Features and Benefits - After a brief introductory paragraph, I like to list all the distinct advantages of joining my newsletter or list. Once more, focus on what's in it for your readers. What type of details will you share and how can they benefit from it? Three to Five bullet points function actually well here.

· The Contact To Action - You've got to ask for the signup. No matter how apparent it could appear to you, you need to make it clear to your visitors that you want them to enter their first name and e-mail address in the type beneath. Which brings us to our next element:

· The Optin Type - Every lead capture page will of course have an optin type on it. Keep this straightforward as well. Do not ask for more than a first name and main e-mail address unless you actually need extra details. Contemplate asking for just the e-mail and see if you get far better outcomes. Once more, keep it straightforward and clean and have a huge submission button.

Finish it all up with your name, your picture and some details on where or how to get in touch with you.

Supply A Bribe

Absolutely nothing assists to enhance your conversion rate more than a little well placed (and ethical) bribe. This is usually a brief report, a unique video or audio recording or even a coupon code. Believe of what your visitors could like and create a tiny bribe around those wants.

Be certain to monetize your bribe by creating unique provides or such as affiliate links. Give it a excellent title and rework your opt-in page to contain this unique supply. For example, you could want to contain a cover graphic of that unique report and mention in the headline that they will get a copy when they sign up.

A well-placed ethical bribe can significantly enhance your opt-in rate.

Test, Test and Test Once more

Last but not least let's talk about testing. I can give you all sorts of guidance and ideas about issues that have worked well for me, but let's face it. Every marketplace, every site and every opt-in page is distinct. To enhance your conversions you need to test each single element of your lead Capture Page 2013. Here are some of the issues you want to take a look at and test:

· Headlines (both the look of the headline like color and font and the actual text you are making use of)

· Background color and image.

· Optin Forms

· Font text and color

· Any pictures you have on your page

· General layout

· Contact to Action

· Submission button

Continue to test anything you can believe of. Keep testing and keep improving your optin rate.

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