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With increasing work pressures and worries the most common problem faced by many individuals is anxiety. Irrespective of the age group anxiety is creeping among everyone. Due to anxiety we can observe many people many a times look disturbed getting angry very fast etc. So what is anxiety ?? Anxiety is a feeling of worry or uneasiness regarding an important event or incident for which the outcome or result is uncertain. Disturbed personal relations, increasing work tensions, busy life etc are some of the reasons of anxiety.

The symptoms of anxiety include exhaustion, sleeplessness, headache, dark circles around the eye etc. When you face such symptoms it is very essential that you start implementing the counter measures for anxiety as anxiety is like slow poison which slowly starts killing your body resources. Thus let's have a look at some of the simple ways of coping with anxiety :

Laugh: laughter is the best remedy says a popular proverb. Start taking life easy. A sense of humor is the best way to wash away many problems and worries. Read jokes, watch or read comic shows or comic books respectively.

Plan properly: worrying does not help solving problems. Think and chalk out a proper solution for the matter of concern and plan properly and implement the solution. In other words stop worrying and start working towards solving your worries, more...

Self Monitoring: Self Monitoring is a very powerful way of avoiding anxiety. Many a times we don't bother about what we do and mourn about the results of an unplanned activity or unaware activity. To avoid such problems it is very essential that we become aware of the situations around us and respond to the situations in a mindful way.

Having healthy stress reducing tools: one very simple and effective way of killing anxiety is diverting your mind from the worrying thoughts. Life is very dynamic, many a times you will face situations where you are unable to find solution for the issue in such cases when finding solution is tough flushing the worry is the best way. In such cases diverting one's mind from the worrying issue is advised. Diverting mind can easily be done with checking out light hearted books, viewing comedy films, satisfying household and buddies whom you share a very close rapport etc. These ideas help you avoid the matter of concern briefly

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