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HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB: The Versatile Tablet

If you want flexibility, you can't ask for anything better than the HP TouchPad Wi-Fi. It doesn't take a lot of effort to share, connect, browse or play with the HP TouchPad. When you group your tasks that are related into card stacks, you will be able to remain more organized. You will be able to do your work on a beautiful 9.7-inch LED multi-touch display screen. Websites with Adobe Flash content are some of what you will be able to enjoy on the Internet. You can do live video calling by using the front-facing cam. here

With WebOS, you will be able to multitask between various applications and pull information together when you are logging into several accounts. You will have the ability to compare your calendars, both work and personal, side by side, or view your contacts to see your Facebook friends birthdays, or view all of your emails. You will also be able to write messages or do a Web search without launching a specific app with the help of Just Type. Without interrupting what is on your screen, you can get notification of emails, new messages, and events. You will have the ability to charge the HP tablet wirelessly with the optional HP Touchstone Charging Dock. Sites could be shared by using the HP Pre4 and the Veer Smartphone.

The HP Touchpad is a good product that has excellent battery life, high-quality apps, loads of entertainment and fantastic web-browsing experience. The quality of WebOS is what makes the TouchPad work. No other mobile operating system can match its impressive synching and multitasking capabilities. Anyone can quickly check their email or calendar or just connect to Facebook. You don't have to worry about your home screen littered with annoying icons. You don't have to worry about surfing a web site and not being able to view it. There are few apps for the HP TouchPad wi-fi tablet but you can expect many to flood the market shortly. You can make do with what there is, and there are a number of games and productivity apps that you may want to check out. speaking of

While WebOS is great, the tablet itself is lacking some common features. Right now every tablet on the market features a front/back camera, hdmi output, expandable memory slot, and real USB connections. This HP tablet is lacking in comparison to some of the others. Having several input/output options is one of the important features that many individuals want. The screen is good, with all of the pictures and videos looking good, together with the resolution. The touch response on the TouchPad is considered the most precise and the battery life is very long at a cool five to six hours. However, if you leave the HP TouchPad on all night, you will have low battery power.

The stunning versatility of the HP TouchPad enables you to do essentially anything. No other tablet today can let you connect, surf online, play games or share more easily than the HP TouchPad. Basically a seamless flow from one thing to the next, minus the barriers or complications. There is nothing similar to the HP TouchPad, if that is what you are searching for.

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