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When a person applies with regard to British citizenship, they are required by law to become of ‘good character and sound mind’. However what does this mean? Here, Stephen Baidoe Ansah explains the specific requirements which a individual must meet to be believed of in this way.

The UK government, based on Stephen Baidoe Ansah http://www.192.com/atoz/people/baidoe-ansah/stephen/, will consider a person to be of great character if they show on their own to be respectful of the legal rights and freedom of the UK. They have to also observe the law whilst they tend to be here, and fulfil their own obligations and duties like a resident. The Border Company will usually run checks using the police, and may also get in touch with additional government departments when determining the actual ‘good character’ of a person apply for citizenship; however this individual will need to give their permission before the authorities can do this particular.

Criminal record checks are also typical; these are carried out on just about all applicants aged ten years or higher. Stephen Baidoe Ansah says that the applicant has to publish information regarding any civil procedures they have been involved in which finished with an order of the court becoming made against them, in addition to any unspent criminal convictions. Usually, if a person has orders or even unspent convictions, they are not thought to be of great character and as such, are not likely to be successful in their application for citizenship.

When it comes to being of ‘sound mind’, a person is considered to be so if they have the capacity to make their own decisions. They must, according to Stephen Baidoe Ansah, understand the steps that they are taking to obtain citizenship. Determining whether a person is of sound mind is not quite as cut and dry, as determining their own good character. The Border Agency will normally use discretion when deciding if this has been demonstrated. Furthermore, even if a person is not believed to be of sound mind, Stephen Baidoe Ansah says that another person can apply with regard to citizenship on their behalf; if this is done, that person will need to explain in detail why the other is not capable of applying themselves, and why it is in their best interests to become a citizen.

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