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Although I don’t focus on building websites dedicated to earning revenue from ads such as Adsense (often referred to as Adsense or niche sites), I have great respect for the guys behind Adsense Flippers. They are Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti. I’ve been an Adsense Flippers regular reader since early 2012. Justin and Joe don’t just build niche sites, but they’ve created a lucrative business by both monetizing their niche sites as well as flipping their sites. They’ve put together a network of buyers and consistently earn 5 figures a month from ad revenue and flipping their sites. The number of sites they create is impressive, often numbering into the 100's each month. Every site they build must be optimized to earn from ads as best as possible. They spend a great deal of time testing, tweaking and analyzing niche site style, placing ads, ad-type throughout various niche categories. Get into IntelliTheme Till mid-2012, Justin and Joe depended on the number of Wp styles as well as 3rd party testing software program and 3rd party metric software program with regard to testing their sites. They discovered this particular troublesome so that they created a composition for proper use in one facility that could do the subsequent: Create making niche sites dead-simple Offer simple versatility regarding placing ads and ad-type Simple (no code required) to develop and release (speed is vital with this particular business model) Create A/B divided testing extremely easy without having making replicate content material. Right after a few months of advancement and testing, they developed IntelliTheme … a composition created especially for niche websites. IntelliTheme Backend Movie (Provided by Makers of IntelliTheme)

We arrived at in order to Justin and Joe, who had been type sufficient to reply to a few queries regarding IntelliTheme. I believe the next Q and Quite a a lot lets you know the biggest launch of the century. IntelliTheme Evaluation -- Adsense Flippers Q and The one May IntelliTheme supply for sites besides Adsense niche sites? In that case, which kind of websites? Certain! IntelliTheme may be used for just about any kind of Wp dependent site. But , it had been created for content material dependent websites which make cash along with ads. The actual designs tend to be deliberately guaranteed don’t permit limitless personalization, most individuals will be able to look for a couple of that it will work to them. Next, you are able to place ANY KIND OF web coding into the ad areas inside IntelliTheme. Therefore indeed, the actual intellitheme is made to manage amazon . com ads, customized ads, and so on second . Exactly how is IntelliTheme distinct from some other styles created for Adsense niche sites? IntelliTheme may be the just Wordpress plugins we all know of made to split test various styles and provide the metrics for you correct inside the concept. Absolutely no frustrating, clunky 3rd party tools required. 3. Can I specifiy where on the post/page and by specific posts/pages where We place different types of Adense ads/banners/blocks? In that case, do I need to know any code for this? The beauty of IntelliTheme is its simplicity. We wanted to make testing various designs o presets as easy as possible. This has led to less personalization options, but a better user experience overall. Learn More concept comes with five presets that have ads located in various areas. We’ve done extensive testing on literally thousands of websites, and found these designs to be a great starting point with regard to content material dependent websites.

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