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This tutorial has been successfully tested for the HTC Magic from Rogers (Canada).

1 - First you need to download Android SDK here. Also make sure you have fastboot installed on your computer, you can get it here. it is actually better to move the fastbook app under /tools in the SDK directory.

2 - extract the SDK .zip file in any directory you want on your computer.

3 - Enable USB debugging on the android device in settings->applications->development->"USB Debugging"

4 - Connect the USB cable that comes with the device to your computer (and device of course) and mount your connection ( There is a notification on the HTC )

5 - On your computer, go to the tools directory of the SDK and start a adb daemon by typing :

sudo ./adb

6 - Make sure your device is detected by typing in the tools directory :

./adb devices

7 - Download the Amon RA recovery image here (if your Magic is HTC branded (PVT 32A board)) or here (if your Magic is Google branded (PVT 32B board)).

8 - copy the file you just downloaded in the tools directory of the SDK.

9 - Boot your device in fastboot mode :

- Turn the device off

- Keep pressing the 'go back' key while turning it on (start pressing before turning it on)

At that point you should have a while screen on your devices with stuff written on it.

10 - boot the recovery image from your computer, that is type in the tools directory (make sure that fastboot is there) :

$ ./fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img OR $ ./fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.1.1G.img

Your device should get busy and you ll get the same kind of screen as in here

11 - Wait a minute or 2, then do on your computer in the tools directory :

$ ./adb shell mount -a

Ignore the failed mounts...there should be about 2 error messages

12 - run the following commands (still in the tools directory) :

$ ./adb push recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img /system/recovery.img $ ./adb push recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img $ ./adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img

13 - Reboot

Now, if you boot your device while holding the HOME key (and not the 'back' key... I did the mistake). It should lead you to the green screen again (system recovery utility).

If the flashing doesn't work you might need to flash your SPL.

WARNING: The SPL is the Secondary Program Launcher which is the core of the device. If you screw that up, your device is boned. The following is NOT SAFE.

- 32A board : apply this update from your sd-card after fast booting with this recovery.

- 32B board : apply this update from your sd-card after fast booting with this recovery.

Note : How to apply an update, copy it to your SDCard on your device as (you can just drag and drop it from ubuntu if the device is properly connected as mentioned above). Then in the System Recovery Utility, there is an option to apply

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