Analog vs Digital Power Amplifiers

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Analog vs Digital Power Amplifiers

When picking a power amplifier , one must take a few factors into consideration. A critical choice in making such a selection is whether to buy analog or digital amps. Each type has its particular qualities, and grasping the pros and cons of both types can help you in choosing whether digital or analog is best for your situation.

Those who like analog power amps and other analog music amps make note of analog's vintage sound and warm tones as its noteworthy benefit. The majority of analog amps involve fairly simple circuitry and is usually easy to repair if you have a problem with the amp. Nevertheless, analog power amps can be more expensive than their digital equals because their manufacturing process is more complex. Also, under conditions of high temperature analog power amps tend to overheat and malfunction more than digital power amps. Due to economic constraints, replacement parts like fuses and tubes for analog amps that are no longer produced domestically have to be brought in from other countries, adding to the upkeep expense of analog amps. Regardless of this however, many experts pick analog power amps as part of a system that gives a distinct and adjustable equalization scope, and sounds awesome in any circumstance.

Digital tech is a newcomer compared to analog power amp gear. Still, this is not a judgment against digital power amps. Some might say that digital power amps are superior to analog. For instance, while the circuitry of a digital sometimes referred to as "solid state" power amp is generally much more complex than an analog power amps, digital power amps boards are usually less expensive, as they are produced domestically. This gives you good savings in long term maintenance and repair costs. Though advocates of analog argue that digital cannot produce the same variety of tones as analog, there have been advances in digital tech lately. Most often, digital power amps are fabricated in such a way that allows a given unit to duplicate any type of analog tones. While previous tries at such emulation technology were found to be less than satisfactory for the experienced audiophile, the equipment has only imporved. Thus, digital gear provides a hi-tech, low-cost means of meeting the sound needs of consumers.

To summarize, both analog and digital tech have their comparable pros, cons and unique qualities. Examining these qualities, and even testing equipment prior to purchasing, will give you a large field of gear to choose from when selecting the power amp that will best meet your needs.

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