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Please note, that this is basically a working draft... Please, please,please understand that it's mostly junk right now. It's probably gonna take me a week or so before it is in any shape. (need next weekend) (I need to grep through the IRC logs for question marks). :)



Q: What is the target audience of this FAQ?

A: Well considering that most of these questions were asked on, I would say visitors to #android. However, it's really for anyone who has serious technical interest in the Android platform.

Q: How do I get my questions about Android answered?

A: Google Groups, IRC, xda-dev

Q: What Android related IRC Channels are there?

A: #android and #android-dev

Q: What is infobot?

A: An IRC bot that collects a lot of "interesting", and occasionally (rarely) useful information. Be aware, infobot sits on many IRC channels... and logs:

Q: Is this the canonical FAQ regarding Android?

A: Absolutely not. Check the following:

Application Development

Q: Is python available for Android?

A: See Jythondroid (add Link)

Q: How do I switch orientation in the emulator?

A: Numpad 7 will do it.


Q: Is there a web interface to the Android market?

A: Sorta. See:

Developer Devices

Q: What is this I heard about an Android Developer Device?

A: It has been said (by infobot) that devphones is a phone with magical powers and will make all your wildest dreams come true. You can read about them here: - in order to buy one, you have to pay a $25 to be in the "developer club" and then you can get into the back room where they keep them behind a curtain of lava. very expensive to ship outside the US, or sporting this:, or ...

Q: What is the difference between the G1 and the Android Developer Device 1?

A: The differences are cosmetic, radio lock configuration, and bootloader. Cosmetic differences consist of the removal of T-Mobile branding and a new etched back design

Q: Why is shipping so expensive to my country for the Android Developer Device 1?

A: Quoting from help page on ordering side: "For Orders shipping outside the US, shipping pricing includes cost of shipping service and the applicable customs, duties, import and country specific other fees."


Q: Are there any IRC clients?

A: rcbeta.apk

Q: Are there any decent ssh clients?

A: ConnectBot rocks. It is available in the market. If you want to run a prerelease version or play with the source check here:

Q: Any reason K-9 is a fork instead of contributing back to the core email app?

A: Long story. Short version is, we're trying.


Q: How do I leave the bootloader?


Q: What is fastboot?

A: A reflash protocol for android devices, or source code at, or cheat sheet at

Q: How do I clear my notification bar?

A: Pull down the notification bar using a top to bottom finger swipe (like a windows shade), then hit the clear notifications soft button.

===Q: Is there an easy way to disable gmail checking? A: It's in setting, see settings -> data synchronization.

===Q: Is there a way to make a shortcut to disabling Gmail sync? A: Using anycut you can make a link to the sync settings


Q: What filesystems does G1/Android natively support?

A:YAFFS, vFat (FAT32)

Q: Is there any information on creating themes for the window manager in the sdk?


Q: Is there any chance UMA will ever be on the G1?


Q: Does android have any native video codecs?

A: Hardware acceleration is available for h264 at certain bitrates. (link needed with specs)

Q: Is there some kind of l10n overview?


Q: What is RGB565?


Q: Where can I report bugs?


Q: Is there a way to see the marketplace comments on the web (without a phone)?


Q: Can the G1 do wifi monitor mode? (for wardriving)


Q: What determines the category ("Lifestyle", "Entertainment") that an app is filed under? Does the developer get to pick?


Q: Whats the price for the G1 for developers?


Q: Do the market and have anything in common?


Q: So if i put the on the sd, it will automatically load that?


Q: Can I run a native app easily?


Q: how does the UI operate?


Q: Is the UI based on X-Windows?

A: No

Q: How do the 3D drivers work?


Q: Not having root sucks. Any progress on a fix?


Q: It looks like the only part you need root for is the "flash_image" command, right? (eg to add the modified recovery, this is the onyl reason you need root to do it)


Q: When we press side keys for the volume, does it also make respective changes in volume for call and music? If not, how does it work?


Brandorr's working notes

  • BTW, are other HTC's power adapters working on the G1 ?

Q: How do you turn off the GPS/3g network device to save battery life?


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