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(Q: What is RGB565?)
(Q: So if i put the on the sd, it will automatically load that?)
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===Q:  So if i put the on the sd, it will automatically load that?===
===Q:  So if i put the on the sd, it will automatically load that?===
A:Nope. You have to tell it to load it manually (see instructions elsewhere)
A:Nope. You have to tell it to load it manually (see [[Forcing OTA Updates]])
===Q: Can I run a native app easily?===
===Q: Can I run a native app easily?===

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Please note, that this is basically a working draft... Please, please,please understand that it's mostly junk right now. It's probably gonna take me a week or so before it is in any shape. (need next weekend) (I need to grep through the IRC logs for question marks). :)



Q: What is the target audience of this FAQ?

A: Well considering that most of these questions were asked on, I would say visitors to #android. However, it's really for anyone who has serious technical interest in the Android platform.

Q: How do I get my questions about Android answered?

A: Google Groups, IRC, xda-dev

Q: What Android related IRC Channels are there?

A: #android and #android-dev

Q: What is infobot?

A: An IRC bot that collects a lot of "interesting", and occasionally (rarely) useful information. Be aware, infobot sits on many IRC channels... and logs:

Q: Is this the canonical FAQ regarding Android?

A: Absolutely not. Check the following:

Application Development

Q: Is python available for Android?

A: See Jythondroid (add Link)

Q: How do I switch orientation in the emulator?

A: Numpad 7 will do it.


Q: Is there a web interface to the Android market?

A: Sorta. See:

Developer Devices

Q: What is this I heard about an Android Developer Device?

A: It has been said (by infobot) that devphones is a phone with magical powers and will make all your wildest dreams come true. You can read about them here: - in order to buy one, you have to pay a $25 to be in the "developer club" and then you can get into the back room where they keep them behind a curtain of lava. very expensive to ship outside the US, or sporting this:, or ...

Q: What is the difference between the G1 and the Android Developer Device 1?

A: The differences are cosmetic, radio lock configuration, and bootloader. Cosmetic differences consist of the removal of T-Mobile branding and a new etched back design

Q: Why is shipping so expensive to my country for the Android Developer Device 1?

A: Quoting from help page on ordering side: "For Orders shipping outside the US, shipping pricing includes cost of shipping service and the applicable customs, duties, import and country specific other fees."


Q: Are there any IRC clients?

A: rcbeta.apk

Q: Are there any decent ssh clients?

A: ConnectBot rocks. It is available in the market. If you want to run a prerelease version or play with the source check here:

Q: Any reason K-9 is a fork instead of contributing back to the core email app?

A: Long story. Short version is, we're trying.


Q: How do I leave the bootloader?


Q: What is fastboot?

A: A reflash protocol for android devices, or source code at, or cheat sheet at

Q: How do I clear my notification bar?

A: Pull down the notification bar using a top to bottom finger swipe (like a windows shade), then hit the clear notifications soft button.

Q: Is there an easy way to disable gmail checking?

A: It's in setting, see settings -> data synchronization.

Q: Is there a way to make a shortcut to disabling Gmail sync?

A: Using anycut you can make a link to the sync settings

Q: Is there there are any x86 port of Android?

A: Yes but it hasn't been published yet. As a note, the Asus eee has been mentioned as a working device with the x86 port.

Q: If I'm interested in porting Android to a new device or architecture where should I go?

A: There is an android-porting mailing list.

===Q: What browser does Android ship with? A: It's a browser based on the open source Webkit engine, which is the same engine used by Apple's Safari browser.


Q: What filesystems does G1/Android natively support?

A:YAFFS, vFat (FAT32)

Q: Is there any information on creating themes for the window manager in the sdk?


Q: Is there any chance UMA will ever be on the G1?


Q: Does android have any native video codecs?

A: Hardware acceleration is available for h264 at certain bitrates. (link needed with specs)

Q: Is there some kind of l10n overview?


Q: What is RGB565?

A: The file format for splash screens. You probably want to create a 320x480 image. It is unsupported by any other image software, so the only way to create one is to start with a raw rgb888 file (8-bit raw, the default format in gimp or photoshop when saving as "raw image") and run it through rgb2565. Alternatively, you can save as a png and then run this script by RyeBrye on it (assumes you have working ImageMagick as well as a compiled version of rgb2565 in your path.) If you run rgb2565 with no flags, it will create an uncompressed rgb565 file which should be exactly 307200 bytes. This file can be used for replacing the initial screen you see when you start up the phone, which is done by flashing it via fastboot (details here). If, instead, you specify the -rle flag, rgb2565 will compress the image using a simple RLE algorithm. This file can be placed in the root of your boot image and named initlogo.rle, and it will show up after the initial boot screen but before the animated android screen (details here). Do not attempt to use rle compressed files to flash the initial boot screen.

Q: Where can I report bugs?


Q: Is there a way to see the marketplace comments on the web (without a phone)?

A:Not currently, but trust us - you aren't missing much.

Q: Can the G1 do wifi monitor mode? (for wardriving)


Q: What determines the category ("Lifestyle", "Entertainment") that an app is filed under? Does the developer get to pick?


Q: Whats the price for the G1 for developers?


Q: Do the market and have anything in common?


Q: So if i put the on the sd, it will automatically load that?

A:Nope. You have to tell it to load it manually (see Forcing OTA Updates)

Q: Can I run a native app easily?


Q: how does the UI operate?


Q: Is the UI based on X-Windows?

A: No

Q: How do the 3D drivers work?


Q: Not having root sucks. Any progress on a fix?


Q: It looks like the only part you need root for is the "flash_image" command, right? (eg to add the modified recovery, this is the onyl reason you need root to do it)


Q: When we press side keys for the volume, does it also make respective changes in volume for call and music? If not, how does it work?


Q: BTW, are other HTC's power adapters working on the G1?

A: Any USB power adapter should work.

Q: How do you turn off the GPS/3g network device to save battery life?

A: In the settings, accessible by pressing menu on the home screen

Q: Are there any extended batteries available for the G1?


Q: What devices has Android been ported to?


Q: Can I get an adapter that lets me listen to the G1, while still charging it?

A: Google for: "3 in 1 USB 11 pin Adapter for HTC TOUCH MOGUL PPC6800"

Brandorr's working notes

  • VOIP support?
    • tauno_: brocktice, "When I talked to Cole Brodman, the CTO of T-Mobile, after the event about what would stop something like Skype from designing a program that could run on the phone, negating the need for a massive voice plan, he said he had "worked with Google" to make sure Android couldn't run VOIP. "
    • [1:39pm] tauno_:
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