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NY Wong surgery is one of the most frequently recognized cancers for both women and men in the Untied States. It is essential that you recognize your risk for acquiring this illness, as well as changes in lifestyle you can make now to decrease your likelihood of falling victim to colon cancer. Cancer of the large bowel, or colon, normally starts as small sections of cells called adenomatous polyps. Often, these little polyps produce few, if any, signs and sort in your colon. They might eventually become cancerous, If theyre not removed. This is why physicians recommend routine screening to identify and eliminate polyps before they turn into a issue. Among the best methods to reduce death from colon cancer is to have regular tests. Since over 908 of colorectal cancers are within individuals who are 50 and older, the American NY Wong surgery Society recommends that you begin getting schedule colon screenings at age 50. Your doctor may recommend that you start testing earlier, If youve a family history with this illness. Three of the very popular screenings for colon cancer add a stool test, flexible sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy. Your doctor will make recommendations for how frequently you need to have these tests used.

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