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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Custom Android Roms]]
[[Custom Android Roms]]
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ROM Maker
Name cyanogen
From xda-developers
Latest ROM
Name CyanogenMod v3.4
Version Number v3.4
Release Date 2009-06-07
Android Version 1.5r2
Original Phone ADP
Build Type HTC
Change Log CyanogenMod Changelog
Download URL v3.4
Last updated: 2009-06-11



CyanogenMod is a custom ROM based on Android 1.5r2 focusing on performance and reliability, with some additional features.


  • Based on AOSP 1.5r2 with some help from JF-1.51-ADP
  • Enhanced ramdisk to mount partitions with noatime/nodiratime (perf boost)
  • Includes E2FSProgs for checking and converting Ext filesystems! (3.3)
  • Apps2SD via AUFS (same as UnionFS) enabled by default! (3.3)
  • Includes script to upgrade to ext3 (from recovery mode, see FAQ)
  • Uses Ext3 for Apps2SD
  • Includes HTC Framework libraries
  • Includes PDFViewer and Teeter
  • Includes latest HTC_IME with long-press, calibration, and compact QWERTY.
  • Modified Launcher to allow for sensor-based rotation that actually works.
  • Sexy pattern-lock from Sapphire
  • Added modifications to remount filesystems readonly at shutdown, and fsck at boot (should stop FS corruption)
  • Includes T-Mobile IM application and Amazon MP3
  • Does not require the "special" SPL
  • Optimized kernel (no debug options, cfq iosched) (3.3)
  • Includes Haykuro's APN list
  • Tweaked frequency scaling options to be more responsive
  • Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz (3.3)


(v3.4 - stable, updated 6/7):
MD5Sum: 7b5db59053639eca5180f5a36cf3896c

(v3.2 - previous stable version, updated 5/28):
MD5Sum: d12c58a474ae8eb8035dc95f88d04527

Audio resources (unzip to your SD card)
MD5Sum: 7340ba86ddd4fba918ef97601c675ef9

Permission Fixer (in case you have problems with force-closes and missing apps after a no-wipe upgrade)
MD5Sum: 2266d7a4bde06c0107b4d5c1b82184eb

Pimped out recovery image


Changes in v3.4

  • Minor kernel tweaks
  • Fix perms on /data/app in update-script
  • Include fix_permissions
  • Marking as stable

Changes in v3.3.8

  • Revert volume profile to default. You can install it yourself from Meltus' thread

Changes in v3.3.7

  • No longer autoconverts to ext3. A script is included to do it from recovery mode (see FAQ).
  • Fix for USB headset no longer breaks other things (speakerphone works now)
  • Include Android VK with correct dictionary.
  • Updated volume profile from Meltus.

Changes in v3.3.6

  • Better mount options for AUFS
  • Enable K extensions for ARM6 in kernel
  • USB headset adapter fix for real
  • Meltus' V4 volume profile
  • Fix HTC_IME calibration

Changes in v3.3.5

  • Switch from UnionFS to AUFS
  • Use CFQ iosched
  • Tweak frequency scaling options for better responsiveness
  • USB headset fix
  • Permission fixes for A2SD

Changes in v3.3.4

  • Updated kernel to latest minor patchset (
  • Bump scaling_max_freq to 528MHz
  • Fix shutdown from inside applications (new system uses a service)
  • Make sure certain system directories that need to be on internal memory aren't created thru unionfs
  • Moved a2sd scripts so they don't get overwritten.
  • Apps2SD startup should be more reliable now

Changes in v3.3.3

  • Fix permission problems that can cause "insufficient space" errors in Market.

Changes in v3.3.2

  • Automatically checks and converts your ext2 partition to ext3
  • Use RIL from the Ion. Too many problems with the foreign version.
  • Fixes for Apps2SD- make sure /data/system doesn't end up in the wrong place (boot loop!)

Changes in v3.3.1

  • Revert RIL settings
  • Allow for a ".nounion" file in /system/sd or /data to disable UnionFS
  • Fix copy_dir issue when flashing

Changes in v3.3:

  • Updated, optimized kernel
  • Includes E2FSProgs
  • Added AmazonMP3 and updated YouTube
  • Tweaked RIL settings
  • Apps2SD via UnionFS by default
  • Automatically FSCK Ext partitions on boot

Changes in v3.2:

  • Updated RIL
  • Removed SkyInternational widget to save space
  • Added "louder" volume profile from Meltus

Changes in v3.1:

  • Fixed Bluetooth in (sorry!)
  • Readded the default Android VK as an option.
  • Added koxx's SkyInternational widget.

See Also

Custom Android Roms

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