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This HOWTO is for the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1, ADP1, Rogers Dream) and HTC Sapphire (Ion, Magic, MyTouch 3G) phones.


  1. Ensure you are running a firmware compatible with FlashRec. All firmwares released before August 11, 2009 are compatible.
    • If you do not have a compatible phone, FlashRec will say "Backup FAILED" when you try to backup your current recovery image.
    • Downgrade guide not yet written, sorry.
  2. Download and install the precompiled FlashRec on your phone.
    • It is easiest to do this by downloading the apk from the phone's browser.
    1. Go to the FlashRec page (http://zenthought.org/content/project/flashrec/) on your phone.
    2. Click the precompiled apk link to download it.
    3. Click the download to install it.
      • May require enabling third-party apps.
    4. Click the download again to install it if you had to enable third-party apps.
  3. You may start FlashRec to see what type of phone you have if you are unsure, but do not do anything yet.
  4. Copy a firmware compatible with your phone to your SD Card. Do not unzip it. It must not be in a folder/directory.
    • This will be the firmware you use on the phone, and is what gives you root.
    • For EBI0/32B phones (T-Mobile G1, ADP1, MyTouch 3G, Google Magic/Ion)
    • For EBI1/32A phones (Rogers Dream, HTC Magic, HTC Hero)
      • Currently waiting on proper a firmware release.

Installing the Recovery Image

  1. Start Recovery Flasher from the app menu.
  2. Click "Backup Recovery Image". Wait for it to complete.
    • Should be very fast.
  3. Click "Download Recovery Image". Wait for it to complete.
    • May take a while, depending on the speed of your connection.
  4. Click "Flash Recovery Image". Wait for it to complete.
    • Should be very fast.

Installing a Rooted Firmware using the Recovery Image

  1. Power off the phone.
    1. Hold power until the menu appears.
    2. Click "Power off".
  2. Start the phone in recovery mode.
    1. Hold "Home" down.
    2. Press the End Call/Power button, do not release "Home"
    3. When the recovery menu appears, release "Home".
  3. Choose "nandroid v2.2 backup". Wait for it to complete.
    • May take a few minutes.
  4. Choose "apply any zip from sd".
  5. Choose the firmware you put on the sdcard.
  6. Press "Home" to confirm flashing.
    • This step will take a bit.
  7. Choose "wipe data/factory reset".
    • This erases userdata (your apps and app settings) and cache (which normally has nothing on it anyway). It does not touch the firmware or your SD card.
  8. Choose "reboot system now".
  9. You are done. Your phone will probably take a very long time to boot the first time, as the system is optimized.
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