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Every marketer - whether a Monavie distributor or a rep with some other MLM - is clearly aware of the traffic that exists on Facebook. For any business, those large traffic numbers should be seen against the backdrop of money and what can be made. It is also important to grasp that as a Monavie distributor you will have to work very hard and learn to market your business properly before you'll be in a position to reap the rewards - just as with anything else in life, really. Social marketing on Facebook, or on any other platform, is not as simple as posting some content and expecting the money to appear. With the right effort you can use Facebook to transform yourself from someone completely unknown to a sought after authority in your market. There are not many limits, and almost all are self imposed, anyway. Yet bear in mind that you can easily make things more challenging for yourself with poor business decisions, so make sure you educate yourself on professional marketing strategies.

It's critical that you understand how key consistency is for social networking. If you forget to engage your Facebook fans in regular communication, you don't give them the opportunity to get to know, like or trust you. What easily happens is that you start with the best intentions but over time you get distracted by other things. Then, one day you decide to fix things by throwing up some quick updates on your page. While you're at it, you include a website link and announce that "here's how to join me as a Monavie distributor." But that's not how you become profitable with social media marketing on Facebook! You simply can't be missing from a place like Facebook for days or weeks just to suddenly show up and start pitching and selling. If you have already messed up, fear not: you can easily fix it by stopping any advertising on your page for a short while. (Advertising, that is, not networking!)

Remember, you are always building your reputation as a Monavie distributor. You need to convey the same, coherent marketing message in all your communication. Furthermore, remember you represent your business, so while you may have to be a bit informal at times, it's still important that you carry yourself like a leader. This isn't all that different from any other situation in the workplace where you need to be personable while keeping your posture. When talking to your social media following, stay on topic: this is why your fans choose to stay in touch with you in the first place! There's nothing wrong about being laid back and making people laugh as long as you remember that your fan page is primarily a business page. Obviously, any business using social marketing needs to make sure it stays true to its overall vision as well as the theme of its fan pages.

A great deal has changed on Facebook over the past couple of years. For example, you absolutely cannot make excessive 'friend requests' anymore to people you don't know. You have to be very watchful with this practice as Facebook will monitor your activities, and they may decide to blacklist your account. However, one great solution for a Monavie distributor wanting to profit on Facebook, is to use the Facebook search tools to find keyword phrases that are a good fit for their specific market. This way, you'll find plenty of discussions relevant to your search terms. Next, simply start interacting and let the other Facebook users become aware of you and your business.

If you are a Monavie distributor, here's a terrific video for you on what it truly takes to succeed in the industry - Warm market prospecting stinks

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