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Getting Fastboot

To be able to use fastboot, you need to be running either an ADP1 or the Engineering Bootloader on your G1.

Starting Fastboot

To start fastboot, turn off your phone and hold down camera while powering it back on. You will see a white screen with skateboarding bugdroids. If you do not, you need to make sure you have fastboot from above. Plug your phone into the usb and if you see "serial0" hit back. You should now see "fastboot" on the screen.

Fastboot Binary

To make use of fastboot, you need the binary for your computer. If you have already built Android, you will have this file already. Its location should be:

<android source location>/out/host/{os}_{arch}/bin/fastboot

If you do not have fastboot built, you can either compile the Android source or try DarkriftX's precompiled fastboot (compiled on kubuntu x86)

Fastboot Commands

This is a paste directly from the fastboot binary's "--help" command:

usage: fastboot [ <option> ] <command>

 update <filename>                        reflash device from
 flashall                                 'flash boot' + 'flash system'
 flash <partition> [ <filename> ]         write a file to a flash partition
 erase <partition>                        erase a flash partition
 getvar <variable>                        display a bootloader variable
 boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ]              download and boot kernel
 flash:raw boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ]    create bootimage and flash it
 devices                                  list all connected devices
 reboot                                   reboot device normally
 reboot-bootloader                        reboot device into bootloader

 -w                                       erase userdata and cache
 -s <serial number>                       specify device serial number
 -p <product>                             specify product name
 -c <cmdline>                             override kernel commandline

Forcing fastboot to load on every boot

Developers who are creating new images to flash very often can remove their boot and recovery images which will force the phone to enter bootloader mode every time you boot. To fix this, you would reflash the boot and recovery images back allowing the phone to boot normally.

$ fastboot erase boot
$ fastboot erase recovery
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