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You are going to find that the Genius Mouse Pen solves graphic design problems that are more unique in nature. Perhaps you have seen sites on the net that have interesting and unique designs and wondered how they were done. Chances are excellent the designer used a mouse pen device. They can be fantastic fun to try out if you produce websites or blogs. Even in case you are a web based marketer who makes your own sites, you can add flair and uniqueness with these kinds of devices. We will evaluate the Genius Mouse Pen graphic tablet and reveal more about the characteristics and benefits available. read more here

The Mouse Pen 8 x 6 is a comprehensively packaged product that provides a tablet surface area of eight inches by four inches. Included is a cordless pen for drawing or writing on the tablet which will be your graphics output. The Mouse Pen cordless pen has a healthy pressure sensitivity range of up to 1024 levels or degrees. To use with this device, you will also receive a cordless mouse with three button controls. If you are new to this technology, you can use this type of device for many graphic design uses. Just a few of the applications include writing, drawing, editing or customizing pictures or coloring as desired. This is all about customizing your graphics or new design creations.

The 8 x 6 tablet plate has a built-in area that allows you to quickly access your shortcuts. This function is completely programmable and is referred to as a 'hot cell'. You will see it positioned above the area where you would typically work. The Mouse Pen tablet attaches to your computer by means of a USB connector for maximum data transfer, speed of operation and operating power. You will quickly realize the tablet has a helpful design that is ergonomic which is important for long graphic design sessions. love it

Additional features of the cordless pen allow for effective emulation of various types of painting instruments. Some examples are water color pens, regular fountain pens or an airbrush pen when you are employing painting software. For those who are familiar with online marketing, there has been a product out for years that may be familiar. It appears the creator used a device such as this one to create hundreds of customized graphics. Most of the graphics are suitable for use with online sales letters. So that is just one way a creative person used this kind of tool for profit.

Included with the Genius Mouse Pen is a suite of software tools that will extend your range of possibilities. You will be able to manipulate and customize photographs or create fine looking artwork for just about any use. This is a device that is fun to just play around with if you are a creative person who works on the net. But if you are an entrepreneur, then you may want to explore product creation along the graphic design areas.

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