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Perfect skin using cosmetics or some other cosmetic surgery... ads for them are everywhere, from various websites to magazines and other publications. Among these product advertisements are also mole removal creams and gels. Some of them are authentic ads, while others are merely scams. You will be better off following some natural mole removal methods in order to avoid being duped or putting a lot of effort in researching these scams.

Do you know that cauliflower can be used to remove moles? Aside from being a delicious vegetable for healthy meals, cauliflower is also effective as a cosmetic ingredient. Remove the stem of the cauliflower and slice it into small pieces. Using a blender, grind these sliced pieces into even smaller bits. You should take the resulting concentrated juice or extract. Swab the area with the moles and warts with the juice that you obtained from the blending process. Keep applying the juice on the affected area unti such time that the skin has becomes so dry. This will be followed by a complete peeling off of the skin moles. You can also do this same procedure using castor oil and pineapple juice. For some physicians, the use of honey is very highly recommended.

Application of the milk from the banyan tree is also a useful home remedy. Even warts can be removed with this home remedy. The extract of plants can also be used. In fact, the milky sap from green tea leaves can also remove warts and moles. You should not use castor oil as the only treatment. Mix it up with some baking soda before applying it on the moles. A pinch of baking soda will do for a few drops of castor oil. The mixture should resemble a soapy liquid which will then be applied on the moles for a few days. Give it a few days and you will see some telling differences.

Intake of certain minerals can also help to remove the moles in a gradual manner. For instance, intake of potassium can be of great help. If you apply apple cider vinegar - which is rich in potassium - externally, you will get the same wonderful results. How is it possible that garlic has natural mole removal capabilities? Cut the garlic clove into two. Then, using the cut portions, place them directly on the moles. You are probably going to experience some irritation on the area once this is applied. But if you wish to get a good result, it has to be placed overnight. The region can then be secured using some bandage. The pigment in the skin moles will be effectively broken down by the sulfur that is found in garlic. If you have the tolerance, you can even place garlic for around 24 hours on the skin. It seems to be highly effective. The removal of the moles will actually be faster than you anticipated. Yet another natural mole removal agent that is known to be effective is drumstick extract.

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