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Looe Key Reef is without doubt one of the most beautiful places when Scuba scuba diving florida keys. With massive formations of residing coral extending out into the ocean and quite a lot of overhangs it's a excellent spot for underwater photography.

Depths at Looe Key range from fifteen to over a hundred ft, however for the most part scuba diving occurs in 15 to seventy feet of water, because the deeper depths are inclined to have strong currents. There are seventy tie off points put in for diving, so all levels of diver have an opportunity to explore Looe key reef.

The primary 32 buoys are in the central reef with depths around thirty feet. moorings 32 to 39 are glorious for snorkeling with depths of 5 to fifteen feet. Buoys 40 to 49 are over patch reef which has a general depths of sixteen feet. There are wonderful smooth coral formations right here but visibility can be bad. Buoys 50 to 70 are the deepest parts of the reef, you need to be aware of the undercurrent in these parts, but the coral system is extraordinary.

It is a sanctuary preservation area, that was created in 1997, so spear fishing and lobstering at this spot are forbidden. But it surely offers you the opportunity to observe a big populace of spiny lobsters and the 7000 yr old coral development.

Since it is located so close to the middle Keys, there's a large quantity of diverse areas to enjoy. Though there have been a lot of ship wrecks within the area, not a lot is left of them, however with a careful eye you possibly can see proof of the previous wrecks. Many dive centers begin the day diving a few of the glorious shipwreck sites then have a second dive at Looe key reef.

If you find yourself planning a Diving the keys trip, ensure you take the time to go to Looe key reef, the most effective dive areas within the Florida keys.

Scuba diving Florida Keys

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