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Moisés foi o primeiro matemático da historia, ele escreveu o livro de Números. Yayayayayay! ;) Tá tchau, boa noite :] relax and breathe... u good lil mama? lol En: Ciclistas al rescate patriomonial de los cités de Santiago: bicicletada 15 de enero big shout out, I've been busy can't answer back to every message Drama does not just walk into your life... You either create it, invite it or you associate with people who love to bring it ..

Is it tommorow Monday?! So fast. O.o wait I'm pretty sure he unfollowed me too ouch heartbroken Happy Birthday Baby 74 I'll be your Nidoking if you'll be my Nidoqueen. BANHEIRO FEMININO Tema - Torcidas organizadas barcolorado I was like omg when my tattoo school mom started crying during stay strong and I think I know why.

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