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Rooting the i7500

We have ROOT! Thanks to drakaz on!

First Hack

  • provides, via the "su", or with adb, root access to the terminal
  • the method uses the steps from the HTC Magic and Dream for a root console
    • i.e. modification of the boot image, and injecting it through the tool of Samsung "New PC Studio".
  • we shall have to wait for a Fastboot-method


Fastboot Hack?


Another way for Full root without NPS ReceptorBlog - Full root on Samsung Galaxy without NPS


Fastboot works out of the box (link).

Call + Power

Simply press the call and power buttons.

But all the recovery images that work for G1 or HTC Magic (G2) did not boot usefull. See more.


Warning: using this will delete all files on the phone!

Volume_Down & Call & Power

For recovery mode press volume_down+call+Power button. After boot, press menu button to start recovering.

To go out recovery mode press

Home & Back
for five seconds.



Cursor_Left & Power


Thanks to drakaz on for the very first root hack! The first information on the i7500 came from Steffen Lindner in his ReceptorBlog. Another Thank you to paolosv from the Androidiani Forum, who was even quicker to figure out the i7500s button cheats.

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