HTC Sense UI on the HTC Magic (32A)

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How to install the HTC Sense UI rom :

1 - Download the rom from here. The one under the section 'HTC Hero ROM for Magic by Fatal1ty' for example for Canada.

2 - Rename the file you downloaded as and put is on the SDcard of the HTC Magic.

3 - Reboot your device on the System recovery utility (look at Amon Ra recovery tool if not sure about what the system recovery utility is).

4 - There is an option to wipe your data (make sure you backed up your stuff from the phone).

5 - once the system wiped, apply the It will take a while

6 - Reboot, if everything was done right, CONGRATULATION ! YOU NOW HAVE A HTC HERO !!

Troubleshooting :

- If the update process complains while in System Recovery Utility, you need to unplug the USB cable from your device and keep trying until it works, I think this is a mounting issue.

- You might wanna look at this to get root access to your device :

- Note that the HTC Magic is different in some countries, the Canadian HTC Magic has very close specs from the HTC Hero (288Mb RAM helps...) so it works well on it. Other versions of the HTC Magic might have lower specs.

Source(s): HTC solutions

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