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Haykuro's Roms

From what has been pieced together haykuro started out with a cross between a JF rom and some system files leaked from an HTC Magic/Sapphire /system folder. He had different ideas on how it should be put together and branched off from the thread that started it. He now builds his own from later leaked roms (not just a group of files) from the Magic/Sapphire that he modifies to work as best as he can on the HTC Dream. His roms are about as close to cupcake as most users can find at the time of this writing. He currently tries to keep 2 parallel builds, one that is Google based, and one that is HTC based. Each company has their own versions of the major system applications such as the home application, phone, contacts etc. While the biggest difference in the 2 is appearance HTC has some functionality that Google does not, and vice versa.


His roms started with the 4.0 build (HTC) and later he made a 4.5 build (Google) and then tried to make the 4.0 more stable by creating 4.9 (HTC again). Many users fought over which was the best so he kept both branches going. Now at the 5.x.x point in the builds we have 5.xG and 5.xH. Right before the 5.0 builds he successfully added in Haykuro Apps to SD support which brought over a lot of users who were not willing to test his builds because they were not willing to lose the apps-to-sd support they had from LucidREM's modified JF builds that had that feature.


While seemingly not very updated Haykuro's blog is found at http://haykuro.theiphoneproject.org/


Haykuro posts his latest builds to http://code.google.com/p/sapphire-port-dream/

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