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HoodLaces.com is a new company offering different colors and patterns of hoodie strings . If you've ever lost a hoodie string or simply think that swapping out a different color might seem better with your outfit, now you can find a solution by ordering a Hoodlace® from Hoodlaces.com. New for the year 2012 and launching throughout the late summer time, you can order through their on line store and take advantage of their first ever line of hoodie strings for the general public.

The choice to swap out colored strings has never before been seen on the market but has been available for sometime with shoes. Complete with the slogan, "Why should shoes have all the fun," Hoodlaces® offers today's hipster a way to give that favorite hoodie a rocking new look. Swap out your hoodie string now for something that is quality, something that is fresh, and something that is brand new. Hoodie strings will never be the same now that Hoodlaces® has arrived. Get your color now or buy all the colors for a inexpensive price.

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