I must admit the ultrasound off my eye was a very odd sensation more views on youtube And no I didnt ask if it was a boy or girl

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teentop1stwin Congrats Teen Top OMG! KAYO NA!!!!!!!!!!!! ! WAAAH! fb good old times! Its December and its Hot as . follback :D makasiih This is disgusting. Omg this has gone too far. You sicken me Sering Na'as, Timnas Akan Ganti Nama Jadi 'Timnang' Algunos estan deprimidos porque empezaron las clases, oporque mañana o tiene paro, hace una semana empec la escuela, me tendria que suicidar takut gue omelin ya de ? santaii aje... kagak bakal RT

yipppy (: i almost forgot my jäger.. my mom reminded me lol Muji apps : (via ) You own some Clubs down TX ? mf going around calling 1&2 now Ya dog ain't ya dog wen u get a bone and he don't get a loan! Always. Followed follow back?:) Faitful boys :) Winning ! hahaha! Gavgav you are just a joker tryingtogetoutofastickysituation pickingyournoseishealthy , just not in college Parejas Enamoradas Icon || || da crédito si usas/ guardas|| aranza Yaaaaay its suppose to be a 108 today, 2 degrees lower! hotashell

i cant wait to get my hair done ! this gotta go -_- . it still looks good i guess but i need a fresh sew in lol more views on youtube BlackGirlProblems no po hueon, yo quiero traicionera ( ´ ` ) RTJUN JUN URL gotchaa How's your writing going, post workshop? Hi:) HappyBirthdayKyuhyun Saludos para ti, Alex! Question: vous pensez que les One Direction vont rester ensemble encore longtemps? "Dura menos un hombre que una vela / pero la tierra prefiere su lumbre / para seguir el paso de los astros". Eugenio Montejo

never lol you be livin the life lol. How's Florida Grandes son aquellos que a pesar de ser juzgados por ser quienes son, no cambian para complacer a nadie. Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise but you can't see them. But as soon as you walk by them, they're quiet.

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