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imagine Justin: Close your eyes.You: Okay *closes eyes* Justin: Now what do you see? You: Nothing. Justin: Well, that's my life without you thats right A soft will make a hard Seleccionadas pasan satisfactoriamente evaluación nutricional / Panamá Fútbol: via Omg, komen loveijg veel berichten, bb spaced hem dood =O - Populair enzooo ' Parabens Claudinho Mortari,Lula ferreira e Dante de Rose, com certeza todos contribuimndo com o crescimento da Liga

Adele is so cute. Only she can talk about her snot and still be adorable. Bom dia meus amores, tenham um otimo dia :* haha sounds like fun Shoots fired .. ": 's twitcon >>>"thanks dude :D poutineroutine Will Zayn just marry me already?... Me with Justin :') SO many memories que es eso? The Pretty Reckless <3 Just cant stop listenning to that music!! Rumbo al estadio!!! Hoy tenemos q ganar vamos BENFICA !!! Meekkkk es netaaaaaa el halftime show!

The butterfly effect and the chaos theory. Faltou o "everybody ok, POVO QUE TÁ EM CASA?" =) "everybody ok, fundáum?" kpop [News] After School is a highflying Hallyu star! right ! lol love your usernamee follow mee please ?? :( social media Buddies! <3 Lady who?- LADY GAGA!!!!! the "lol" didn't make it better, I read that message with hostility. Pauses after every word! SweetDreams

music risin' good vibin' this just made my day. lmao the little girl is Myungsoo's on-screen sister for 'Shut Up! Flower Boy Band' :D lucky girl gets to hug myungsoo T.T thank you very much :D No problem. We're all enthusiastic about this one - awesome game. no te habían retado? Te mando mas besos clandestinos y un abrazo al afortunado que esta contigo!!! It's a text message. It can sit in my inbox till I decide to reply. It's not going anywhere chill. So what if I message before I fix teeth gap reply to you?

its your birthday?? Its my birthday too! Lol happy birthday to you(: Yep, pretty well Lo que falta es una revolucion social de verdad con una banda sonora como dylan y los pistols.ya no hay musicos asi Mi nuevo poster de mis amores JonasFamilyIsInseparable no me quiero levantar temprano mañana Celebration of play-writing Take teabagging 'back to its roots' by dangling your testicles in a mug of boiling water, adding a dash of milk & asking "One lump or two?".

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