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JesusFreke's ROMs

ROM Maker
Name JesusFreke
From xda-developers
Latest ROM
Name JFv1.51 CRB43 ADP
JFv1.51 CRB43 UK
JFv1.51 CRB43 EU
Version Number JFv1.51
Release Date 2009-05-31
Android Version 1.5
Original Phone ADP
Build Type Google
Change Log JFv1.51 ADP
JFv1.51 US
JFv1.51 EU
Download URL JFv1.51 ADP
JFv1.51 US
JFv1.51 EU
Last updated: 2009-06-04


JesusFreke of xda-developers was one of the first modders of ROMs and was one of the key people in the effort to root and subsequently keep root in android. More recently however JesusFreke has taken a back seat and said he will only release modified versions of the english language versions of the official firmware only. JesusFreke's builds are generally thought to be the most stable builds.

Most Recent Builds

JesusFreke's most recent build JFv1.51 comes in three different flavours. These are ADP, US and EU made from the CRB43 official firmwares of the same respective targets.

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