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ROM Maker
Name JustAnotherCrowd
From wise-projects.com
Latest ROM
Name Hero r1.4
Version Number r1.4
Release Date 2009-06-04
Android Version 1.5
Original Phone HTC Hero
Build Type HTC
Change Log Hero 1.4 Changelog
Download URL Hero r1.4
Last updated: 2009-06-04


JustAnotherCrowd's Hero ROM includes many optimisations in order to help the included Rosie user interface run more smoothly.

Source(s): JustAnotherCrowd


  • Hero R1.1 Fully Optimized
  • Ion Dalvik VM
  • BusyBox Included
  • Dexopt-Wrapper Included
  • Fully Optimized out of the box (.Odex'd)
  • Superuser.Apk Included
  • com.android.term.Apk Included (Terminal App)
  • HTC IME instead of HTC CIME
  • Modified Rosie.Apk/Launcher.Apk and Widgets in /data/app
  • Data/System partition optimized
  • PSCII.apk removed
  • Weather.apk is roughly 3mb and has been removed to save room it can be pushed back if you really want a bloated weather app
  • All HTC Widgets Except "htcsearchwidgets.apk" have been removed due to obvious space issues, these can be easily re-installed.

- Warning: Do Not Select to add an HTC Widget with none installed, This will cause a force close.

Source(s): JustAnotherCrowd

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