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As usual, this can only be installed if you have already installed the modified recovery image. If you are running the official RC30 or RC8 build, you won't be able to use this.

Ok, the latest US/UK instructions can now be found here: Keeping Root

Old instructions (note there is nothing wrong with these instructions, they were just a bit less verbose then the link above):

To install, download the modified UK RC8 v1.2 rename the file to, put it on the sd card, and reboot the phone into recovery mode (home + power). Once the recovery mode comes up, press alt+L to turn on the text display, and alt+S to apply the update.

This update includes the following changes from the "official" RC8 update.

  • resigned with test keys (obviously)
  • added a number of new binaries in the "/system/xbin" folder. These are built when compiling Android from source. Included is an actual su command, that gives real root access, instead of just effective root access.
  • added the telnetd command
  • replaced /system/recovery.img with my modified recovery image
  • modified boot.img so that, ro.debugable=1, and persist.service.adb.enable=1 (so that adb runs as root)
  • added the busybox binary to /system/bin (Note: I didn't create any links for any of it's "subprograms")
  • renamed /system/etc/

This build can be installed by anyone that has the modified recovery image - it will run on both US or UK phones. Note though, some of the functionality in the US version is missing in the UK version: Voice dialing, myfaves, amazon mp3 store, chat messages via SMS.

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