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Rooting the Magic/Sapphire (Method 1)

First of all, everyone owes Haykuro a great big thanks for working on this and helping create the solution without even owning a magic. The following is his method just reworded slightly. if this method fails, try method 2. this method is for older "branded" devices (like the Vodafone Magic).

  1. Enable USB debugging on the device in settings->applications->development->"USB Debugging"
  2. Ensure you have the Android SDK downloaded, and the included USB driver installed correctly on your desktop.
  3. Open up a DOS prompt and "cd" to the tools subdirectory of your SDK folder.
  4. Make sure your usb cable is inserted and you have Fastboot and ADB installed and ready to use.
  5. Type the following command at your DOS prompt:
    • adb devices

      You should see your Android phone's serial in the list. If you get an empty list, you need to sort out your USB driver.
  6. Download Haykuro's Magic "rootme" rom (Mirror) and the Magic modified recovery
  7. Unzip the file (do not unzip the file). Put both in your "tools" directory.
  8. Connect the phone with the USB cable and from the notifications bar, mount the SD card. Rename to and copy it and the recovery-new.img across to the phone's SD card (which should be in your "My Computer" as a new drive).
  9. Alternatively you can copy the files across by entering these commands on your desktop (not the device):
    • adb push /sdcard/
    • adb push recovery-new.img /sdcard/recovery-new.img
  10. On your device, enter the bootloader FASTBOOT mode by trying one of the following
    • Turn off your device and while it is off hold down back while you press power.
    • Turn off your device and while it is off hold down volume down while pressing power
  11. Type the following commands on your desktop (not on the device):
    • fastboot boot recovery-new.img
  12. Apply your update (by selecting menu item. dont miss it), reboot (using HOME+BACK, or via selection), and allow it to boot fully. Upon a complete boot enter the following command on your desktop (not on the device):
    • adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-new.img
  13. To get the hacked SPL (to be able to apply nandroid backups and etc) download haykuro's SPL update and copy it to your sdcard (again as "")
  14. Reboot into recovery mode by powering off, and holding HOME+POWER
  15. Apply update.
  16. To gain root access from a Terminal Emulator application running on your phone, see Magic Root Access.

Source(s): Android solutions

Rooting the Magic/Sapphire (Method 2)

If you have Asian Version of Magic, do not use this method cause it disables wi-fi.

  1. Copy this update to your SD-card.
  2. Download the rooted recovery image here.
  3. Enable USB debugging on the device
    • Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging
  4. Boot the device in fastboot mode.
    • adb shell reboot bootloader
  5. Connect the device to your machine over USB.
  6. Type the following command on your desktop (not on the device):
    • fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.0H.img
  7. Choose option "Apply" from the menu on the device
    • note: you may need to unplug the usb if you receive any errors

Source(s): Android solutions

Rooting the Magic/Sapphire (Method 3)

If you have the same problems with Method 1 as some people described in the discussion page (after the fastboot step it hangs at "HTC Magic") do the reading here:

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