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Android Wiki Rules

Nothing illegal is permitted to be posted here. Articles are to be written in the third person, and no one user should claim ownership of an article. A somewhat-neutral point of view should be maintained, but since we are not the wikipedia, this isn't crucial. This is a technical wiki - so the most important thing is that the details are technically correct. Anything you download here will be used at your own risk. This is just a central place to find these files, not a proven test ground for them. All downloads were created by a 3rd party and are just hosted here for simplicity.

This wiki is for the Android OS, and all articles should be somehow Android related.

This wiki can no longer be edited by anonymous users. Due to spam, editing requires registration. That's somewhat of a nuisance, but it's the current reality in the face of spammers.

Android Community Effort

I would like to thank everyone who has taken time out of their lives to sign up and edit or write new pages. I have noticed lots of user contributed content lately and it helps a lot for me to not have to worry about making edits twice a week. This Wiki is what it is because of the community who takes the time to help others. If you notice something that is wrong, missing or just outdated (JF updates, I always miss updating the latest version on some page or another), please feel free to help the community out by creating an account (it does not take long at all) and make the changes.

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Android General Information

Android Device or Rom Specific

List of devices

  • Dream - Also known as the G1 and the ADP1
  • Magic - Also known as the Sapphire
  • Hero
  • Galaxy
  • DSTL1 - Also known as SciPhone N21
  • Pulse - T-Mobile Pulse / Huawei U8220




Samsung Galaxy i7500



Custom Android Roms

Needs cleanup

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