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The chinese version and demo video is available here:

A688 Boot animation and custom boot animation files

How to modify splash

The splash is the first screen, after you boot your mobile. You can follow the steps to modify your splash.

1. Use the CreateA688Splash.exe in the A688_Toos/CreateSplash folder to create the custom splash file.

If you don't want to create the splash by yourself, you can download the splash files(xxx.raw565) in this web:

2. Boot your mobile into fastboot mode

3. Execute Dos_Console.bat in the A688_Tools folder.

4. Type "fastboot flash splash xxx.raw565" in dos window, and press enter key.

How to modify boot animation and sound

Before you modify your boot animation and sound, you need get root permission on your mobile.

After you get root, install "root exporler" in your mobile and use "root exporler" to replace original boot animation and sound with new one.

Boot animation in 1.6:

 /hidden/data/Power-on animation/fih_poweron_X.png 
 /hidden/data/Power-on animation/fih_poweron_r_x.png

PS: The picture file must be png format with 320x480 pixels.

After you replace boot animation files with yours, you need chang files permission to 666(allow everybody to read and write).

Boot animation in 2.1:

 /hidden/data/Power-on animation/

Boot sound in A60 2.1:

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