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Please use a mirror first if you can (users downloading on the G1 should use the above links).
Mirrors for the .zip file: [ Megaupload] [] or [ koushikduttas site] or [ RapidShare]
Mirrors for the .zip file: [ Megaupload] [] or [ koushikduttas site] or [ RapidShare]

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Root for RC30 (US version, UK users see Root for RC8)

It has been prophesized for weeks now, but it is finally here. A rollback method for RC30 users who want root. This method is a full device flash that will roll you back to RC29 which still has the root bug. After doing this you can then follow the instructions on Rooting Android and then Keeping Root to get yourself up to RC30 modified version that lets you keep root.


You will need the .nbh file to perform this. It can be downloaded here: (download on your pc) or DREAIMG.nbh (download on your G1)

MD5 Checksum: 53840b90a0fe1bfab19fab8ef8fb9724 DREAIMG.nbh


Mirrors for the .zip file: Megaupload or koushikduttas site or RapidShare


Instructions from Disconnects site (

  1. Format your SD card to FAT32 mode (this is not always needed). Note: With other files on the disk, or the wrong filesystem, the image file may not be found. Both the partition type and partition filesystem need to be FAT32.
    • On Linux, create the filesystem using a command like mkdosfs -F 32, and change the partition type using fdisk (partition type b should work).
  2. Copy image file DREAIMG.nbh to the SD card
  3. Turn the device power off and insert SD card
  4. Hold Camera button, and press Power button to entry Boot loader mode
  5. Press Power button to start upgrade procedure
  6. After it finishes, press the trackball and perform a soft reset by pressing "Call" + "Menu" + "End" to reboot.

When you are done, do not forget to follow the steps Rooting Android and then Keeping Root

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