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To make sure the samurai swords is up to the tag, sword evaluators pass the knife through the figures of corpses. First the tiny bones are cut through, and then the big bones. The link between the test are recorded on the nakago, which is the steel piece that ties the samurai sword edge to its handle. Your guarantee on the credibility of the samurai sword is proved with your tracks. It is interesting to learn that the samurai swords with a quality point are thought genuine samurai swords. That is because it takes great talent and effort in hand making the position. The polish of the samurai sword is also taken into account when choosing a samurai sword. With its polish, the final model of the medieval costumes is determined. Historical samurai swords were usually hand finished, and this became a rather long and tedious procedure. There are many websites and retailers supplying cheap samurai swords and discount samurai swords. However, these are not authentic samurai swords which do not have cast steel blades. When getting samurai swords, youve to ask for samurai swords with forged steel and heat treated blades. The design and form of the samurai sword should also be like ancient medieval costumes which are made to have the right balance.

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