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A non-rooted Android device has no built-in capability for taking screen captures. If you want to grab snapshots of an app, you have two options, both of which require installation of the Android SDK:

  • Run the app under the emulator that comes with the SDK. Then you can use the normal screenshot facilities of your PC OS to capture images of the emulator window.
  • Enable USB debugging on the device, and use the DDMS utility from the SDK.

DDMS Notes

On some Linux systems, the DDMS window fails to show any devices. Instead, it outputs a continual sequence of “E/DeviceMonitor: Connection attempts: n” messages with ever-increasing n.

This is caused by a system setting which prevents IPv4 and IPv6 connections from being opened on the same network socket. To work around the problem, execute the following command in a root terminal window:

   sysctl -w net.ipv6.bindv6only=0

Presumably this is a bug in DDMS.

Note also that every screenshot you capture this way will have the icons at the top-left of the screen indicating that the device is connected via USB and has USB debugging enabled: Screen capture icons.png

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