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Note that the modified "su" command will still output an error message indicating you're not allowed to be root. But you become root anyway.

Also, modified Terminal apps that work better with the Magic are starting to appear. Look for "Better Terminal Emulator Magic" on the market for an example (although the enter key is still wonky, but fidgeting with the ball before pressing enter makes it work. go figure.)

so "su: uid 10061 not allowed to su" means we do have root access? please confirm.

please also add a noob proof way to test for root access that doesnt involve an error message and guess work that it is actually root access....

Source for su Util

Is the binary linked to in this article a modified form of the su.c in android src system/extras/su? Is the source of the modified code available? Where did the binary originally come from?

Makes very good sense but does not (quite) work

I have tried the modified su command on my M003 aPad and am not quite there yet.

1) The M003 USB slave does not work so I am using "adb connect <ip address>:5555" to connect

2) I then use "adb shell" to get to the "$" prompt. At this stage my uid is 2000

3) When I run the modified "su" the response is: su: access granted, courtesy of su: permission denied

4) My uid is still 2000

Any ideas?


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