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Bitcoin miner

Not sure if the site has been compromised or not, but this wiki loads a java instance of a bitcoin miner on each users machine and thrashes the CPU to generate bitcoins on the admins(?) behalf while you browse the site. I know that ads don't bring in much revenue, but running a java instance at 90% CPU load is seriously not cool

//Loonix: I use Adblock Plus + NoScript but i cant see any extensive CPU use nor offside scripts trying to execute (besides google-analytics)

//postits: I've since installed noscript, which blocks it. But it looks like the admin has removed the script. FWIW it was loading the bitcoinplus java miner

Spam filter

Thank you for activating spam filters but in at least one case it is too strict =(
we cant use the plural of update becaue the page thinks we want to advertise :P

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