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The HairMax LaserComb he said was designed and developed in Australia and is manufactured in the USA under stringent quality control standards. Lexington International, LLC, based in Boca Raton Florida, makes and distributes the HairMax LaserComb. To day the HairMax LaserComb has been shipped to more than 150 countries worldwide. Lexington International, LLC is a leader in hair growth, hair treatment and hair research. According to their business official site, the Hairmax Lasercomb is the only FDA satisfied laser phototherapy product for home use theyre the only business that has invested in and conducted scientific study to prove efficacy of the home use phototherapy unit and to distribute them to the FDA in a proper 510 filing he said. Since 2001, there has been 7 clinical studies done with 460 subjects on the HairMax LaserComb. In 2010, 2 of the studies were conducted on men and 2 were conducted in girls. These scientific results confirmed that the Hair Max customers might encounter large decrease in hair fallout, faster hair growth more manageability of hair and overall greater quality and condition of hair. Furthermore, no negative side effects actually reported from treatment with the HairMax laser brush. The HairMax Laser Comb is an easy to use and non-invasive home-use laser system go here this medical product employs low stage laser to stimulate the head and stimulates hair roots, help sustain your present hair and retard shedding.

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