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The chinese version is available here:

1. Unplug usb cable and turn off your mobile.

2. Press [Hang Up] + [Sound Down] + [Power] until "enter fastboot mode" message displaying on the upper left corner of mobile screen.

3. Plug in usb cable to your mobile

4. Download A688 Tools and Superboot from following links: A688_Tools Superboot

Unzip A688_Tools_V3.1.rar into folder of your choice(ex: H:\A688\A688_Tools).

Move A60_Superboot.img into the A688 Tools folder.

5. Open dos console by executing dos_console.bat

6. Try to type "fastboot getvar version" in dos console and press enter key.

The dos console should output "version: 0.5"

If it doesn't display "version: 0.5", you need to check your usb connection.

(reboot your mobile,reboot your PC, or reinstall driver)

Superboot dos.png

7. Type "fastboot flash boot boot A60_Superboot.img" in dos console and press enter key.

This step will replace your boot partition with custom boot image.

Superboot dos.png

8. Type "fastboot reboot" in dos console and press enter key. You mobile will reboot automatically.

Superboot dos.png

9. After mobile finishs the boot process, you will see a "Superuser Permissions" application in your android application list.

Superboot finish.png

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