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the issuing of execution after that period unless by leave upon mo tion after notice to the adverse party. We cannot and ought not in this manner partially repeal the statute by declaring that the prohibition does not ap ply to a case like the present where an execution has been sued out within five years although more than five years ha. monster Casque Beats by dre pas cher France ve since elapsed without any proceeding upon the judgment. Currie Noyes Code R.. N. S. Swift Flanagan How. rr Racia Nestle How. Pr Bolton Lansdown Mo DUXliiJi AiML LiAiililTIbki OJj FKJMlS i CHAPTER IX. TXQITIEIES CONCEENING THE DUTIES AND LIABIL ITIES . ecouteur beats pas cher monster casque OF OFFICEUS ON RECEIVING WRITS OF EXECFTION First duty of officer on receipt of the writ Inquiries by officer into validity of the writ. a. Inquiries concerning competency of officer to execute the writ How far officer must inquire into the jurisdiction of th. Beats by Dre France fr Casque pas cher vente e court The officer need not look behind the writ Whether the officer s knowledge of void nature of writ Is materia Officer must execute voidable process; otherwise if it be void Officer must see that the writ is enforceable in his county Suspension or . Casques Beats pas cher vente Casques Beats pas cher vente satisfaction of writ in officer s hands. lOG. When the authority of the officer terminates When the writ must be executed Who may control the writ The First Duty of Officer on Receipt of Writ. So far our inqui. casques beats pas cher ries have been in regard to the form and issue of execution against the property of defend ants. We shall now assume that the plaintiff has pro cured an execution to be issued. For the purpose of our future investigations it will in general be imma terial to ascertain whethe. casques beats pas cher r the writ is an original or an alias; Avhether it was sued out on the original judg ment before the same became dormant or after such judgment had been dormant and was duly revived by scire facias or by some similar proceeding sanctioned by statute. The two officers who have most to do with writs of execution are the clerks by whom such writs DUTIES AND LIABILITIES OF OFFICERS are issued and the sbcrifTs or constabk by whom they are enforced. The precedin chapters of this wm k have been mainly employed in the consideration of matters falling within the duties of the clerks; the re maining chapters will be very largely occupied by questions connected with the duties of sheriffs and constables. After the plaintiff procures his execution his next step should be to i lace it

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