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Grrr I'm so confused with all this DATA... This is my personal page with all images that i've tried. So let's start

my model

- HBOOT-1.33.0009 (SAPP10000)
Sapphire PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H : CPLD-12 (Greek)
May 8 2009,21:02:32[1]
Since i don't have Warranty i don't plan changing SPL unless somebody points me the right SPL HBOOT image that will work with my mobile :)


Backuping and restoring

Best tool to backup/restore your state it's with Amon Ra [[2]] (which in hebrew means "Lot of eval")
HOWTO: Simply type

  1. fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.1.1H.img


Working image


Well, by time passing by CyanogenMod has won! Today, i don't need to add anything more, just read


The best ROM that i've tries so far... from forums [[3]] from link [[4]]

Kernel version and stuff:

  1. Model Number: Google Ion
  2. Firmware version: 1.5
  3. Baseband version: 62.52S.20.18U_3.22.20.17
  4. Kernel version: 2.6.27-cv85e129 ( htc-kernel@and18-2 #3 )
  5. Build number: CRB43

Dadroid from forums [[5]] If it's not working i google it and found from rapidshare from link [[6]]

Kernel version and stuff:

  1. Model Number: HTC Magic
  2. Firmware version: 1.5
  3. Baseband version: 62.525.20.18U_3.22.20.17
  4. Kernel version: 2.6.27-dd63d1eb ( u70000@Android-X01 )
  5. Build number: 2.16.401.5 146733 CL#33743 release-keys

Not Working images

Haykuro's Magic "rootme" rom

From Wiki Haykuro's Magic "rootme" rom. 2th method disables Wi-Fi, 1st method disables mobile

HTC Hero ROM for Magic by Fatal1ty

From xda forums [7] This is only for 32B but wanted to give it a try. The problem was it's not passing after the splash...

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