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POTENTIAL AND BARRIERS – In 2008, intensive than 7 million Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) were on the roads, many notably in Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Italy, India, China, and Iran, with South america leading the global vend with a 48% share. The number of LPG/NG kits sold globally is estimated to contact 8.0 million by 2012. An seize infrastructure, by with governmental support, may expedite the growth of LPG and NG as worldwide choice fuels. Bottlenecks that may slow down the progress and deployment of LPG and NG technologies are the lack of take possession of infrastructure for fuel distribution and refuelling, the higher transport cost, and the rivalry from other fuel options (e.g. biofuels).

NGV & LPG for car in Thai is ติดแก๊ส

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