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The "For Sale" sign is up. A "hot" internet property is on the market. How can you tell, though, if websites for sale are worth the asking price?

If you've ever purchased a house or property, you probably have at least some idea of how to determine the value of property for sale. Even novices can tell when a particular house is over-priced.

Similar principles can, in fact, be applied to websites for sale. With a little bit of savvy and practice, you'll be able to tell when a particular website is over-priced or a steal of a deal.

The real value of an existing website for sale needs to be evaluated on several fronts. Never buy websites before you've considered all five of these points:

1) PageRank: PageRank is an evaluation of the popularity of a web page by Google. Pages have a possibility of ranking between zero and ten, with ten being the highest possible value. The higher a page's ranking (particularly a site's home page), the more popular (and hence, valuable) the site is.

Think of PageRank like buying a house in a desirable neighborhood. The nicer and more popular the neighborhood, the more the house located within it will be worth. When you buy websites online, you'll pay more for a "desirable" neighborhood

2) Traffic volume: It doesn't matter how much eye-appeal a website has or what kinds of products it carries; if traffic volumes are low, the site isn't going to be as valuable. High traffic volumes, on the other hand, increase the value of the site.

3) Domain name: A website with a domain name that's popular will fetch a higher sale price. Take note: "popular" doesn't necessarily mean trendy. Domain names that are similar to, but spelled slightly differently than, another high-traffic site can be considered "popular".

For example, the domain name might be worth a small fortune. It's not the official "Britney Spears" celebrity site, but a common enough misspelling that visitors often stumble upon it by accident. Domain names of this nature have incidental value, the same way that a house for sale might be worth more simply because it's next door to Britney Spears' house.

4) Domain age : This factor is somewhat tied in with the value of a domain's name. Older domain names are generally considered to be worth more than newer, less established ones. This is because the assumption is that an older domain will have more backlinks connected to it and will have been scanned and indexed by all the major search engines, probably multiple times. They are also generally deemed more credible the older they are.

5) Revenue generation: This is probably the most important factor when determining the value of websites for sale. Sites that generate an income are worth more than those that don't. The more lucrative a site is, the more you should expect to pay.

Before you buy websites online, visit a website value calculator. These tools can evaluate the worth of a website. All you have to do is enter the home page URL of a given site. These calculators take into consideration the above factors in order to come up with a figure.

Keep in mind, this figure is not a hard-and-fast appraisal. However, it does give you a starting point from which to begin working your own assessment and negotiation process when you buy websites. SUCCESS.

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